Adams Morgan Partnership

The Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District (AMPBID) is a non profit 501 (c) (6) organization established to enhance the quality of life for residents, visitors, employees, business and property owners.

The mission of the Adams Morgan Partnership BID is to promote a clean and safe Adams Morgan.

Partnership funds go towards additional cleaning of the neighborhood’s sidewalks and streets, the provision of supplemental security services, and promotional/marketing activities. Services are funded by a self-imposed assessment on commercial property owners within the Adams Morgan neighborhood.

We are very appreciative of a grant we receive from the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development that helps support our cleaning program. We have received this grant since 2007 and has enabled us to continue to have 7 day a week, 365 day a year cleaning coverage by our clean team.


History of the BID

The Adams Morgan Partnership was formed in 2005 pursuant to the District of Columbia Business Improvement Districts Act of 1996, which became effective in May 1996, and was amended in 1997. BIDs have been effective in providing services that improve the overall viability of urban commercial areas – resulting in higher property values and higher business sales.

The crush of people attracted to both live, work and play in Adams Morgan is a sign of the area’s success. However in the years just prior to the founding of the AMPBID, the District of Columbia government suffered severe financial shortfalls and the diminished public resources made it difficult for the City to provide its commercial areas with a level of service that enables them to compete with suburban shopping areas, which offer cleaner, safer, and more accessible environments. These suburban shopping centers are generally supported by group fees, called common area maintenance fees. These fees, which are comparable to BID self-assessed taxes, provide for shopping center support of snow removal, advertising and other maintenance items. Business Improvement Districts (BID) have been an effective vehicle in hundreds of cities across the country and now world for providing the additional services that urban commercial districts need to remain competitive.

A BID is a defined commercial area in which property owners have agreed to assess themselves a fee in order to provide services supplemental to those provided by the City to enhance the public environment, to increase competitiveness, and to assure the area’s economic viability in the future. Once a BID has been formed, every property owner and every tenant within the boundaries will be a member. There are more than a 1,000 BIDs across the United States including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City, which alone has more than 60 BIDs. Currently BIDs are operating in several areas of the District of Columbia, the Downtown BID encompasses 138 square blocks; the Golden Triangle, which includes the area between Dupont Circle, Farragut Square, and Washington Circle; the Georgetown BID, which covers approximately 35 blocks in the historic district; the Capitol Hill BID, the Capitol Riverfront BID which covers approximately 500 acres from the U.S. Capitol building to the Anacostia River, the NoMa Bid which is the area just north of Massachusetts Avenue and the Mount Vernon Triangle CID which covers the area around the Convention Center and areas just east there. We welcomed the Anacostia BID in 2012 which is comprised of 30 square blocks in the southeast quadrant of Washington, D.C. In 2015, the Southwest Waterfront BID launched and the Dupont Circle BID started up in 2018. There are groups working to create BIDs several other parts of the city including the 14th St./U. St. corridor.

BIDs in other cities have successfully improved the image and economy of their neighborhood areas which has resulted in increased occupancy rates and retail sales, thereby stabilizing and enhancing the economic climate of the commercial area and providing jobs for residents. Because of this, a group of property owners, business owners and community members organized themselves in 2004 to start the Adams Morgan Partnership BID.

In 2004/2005, the property owners, tenants, and visitors within the area defined as the Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District could not realistically expect any significant improvement in the quantity or type of services provided by the government of the District of Columbia. It was obvious at that time, therefore, that any additional or improved services must be a result of self-help initiatives. The BID planning-process at that time revealed the following areas of greatest concern within the proposed BID area:

  1. Safety/Security
  2. Cleanliness/Graffiti
  3. Transportation Management
  4. Streetscape Improvements
  5. Marketing and Promotion
  6. Outreach

Those priorities have guided the work of the AMPBID since its inception and continue to be our focus. However, the Business Improvement District Act of 1996, as amended, requires the District of Columbia to maintain a level of services, which is equal to that provided to similar parts of the City outside BID boundaries. The BID has encouraged the City to increase certain services to support and enhance the BID’s efforts (like graffiti removal) and we will continue to do so.

The AMPBID consists of the geographic area along 17th Street, N.W., between Columbia Road, N.W., and Fuller Street, N.W.; along 18th Street, N.W., between Columbia Road, N.W., and Florida Avenue, N.W.; along Adams Mill Road, N.W., between Columbia Road, N.W., and Lanier Place, N.W.; along Belmont Road, N.W., between 18th Street, N.W., and Columbia Road, N.W.; along Biltmore Street, N.W., between Columbia Road, N.W., and Cliffboume Place, N.W.; along California Street, N.W., between 18th Street, N.W., and Florida Avenue, N.W.; along Champlain Street, N.W., between Columbia Road, N.W., and Kalorama Road, N.W.; along Columbia Road, N.W., between 16th Street, N.W., and Wyoming Avenue, N.W.; along the north side of Florida Avenue, N.W., between 19th Street N.W., and California Street, N.W.; along Kalorama Road, N.W., between 18th Street, N.W., and Champlain Street, N.W.; along Lanier Place, N.W., between Ontario Road, N.W., and Adams Mill Road, N.W.; along Ontario Road, N.W., between Columbia Road, N.W., and Lanier Place, N.W.; along the north side of U Street, N.W., between 18th Street, N.W., and Florida Avenue, N.W .; along Vernon Street, N.W., between 18th Street, N.W ., and 19th Street, N.W.; along Wyoming Avenue, N.W., between 19th Street, N.W., and Columbia Road, N.W.


The AMPBID continues to focus on three key areas: clean, safety and marketing of the neighborhood. The streets and sidewalks are swept seven days a week by four uniformed personnel to improve the overall appearance of the neighborhood. In addition, AMPBID’s cleaning personnel make the neighborhood feel safer by providing a uniformed presence in public areas.

In October 2007, AMPBID began hiring over-time Metropolitan Police Officers to patrol Adams Morgan streets through its Reimbursable Detail Officer program (RDO). On Friday and Saturday nights, these additional officers patrol Adams Morgan streets to send a message that the neighborhood is changing and that public safety is a priority. Additionally, we hire a Security Director to make sure the RDO program runs smoothly.

Events such as the Annual Summer Concert Series, the Adams Morgan Movie Nights and the Annual Fall Porch Fest Music event create a sense of community and draw residents of bordering neighborhoods to enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Adams Morgan.

AMPBID’s weekly electronic newsletter, website and regular flyers increase awareness of activities in Adams Morgan for business owners, property owners and residents alike.

In some matters AMPBID acts as a liaison between city agencies, neighborhood organizations and Adams Morgan businesses.

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